Post image for Daily Diet Update: Friday 30th January 2015

It turns out that you can you can stick to your eating and exercise plan and still not lose weight. And that can be immensely frustrating. The scale is a liar!   For the last three days I’ve weighed in at 180 lbs, so you’d be forgiven for wondering whether I’ve lost my enthusiasm or maybe […]


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Yesterday was a good day for diet adherence. I ate four pieces of fruit between lunchtime and dinner even though I had access to chocolate and a whole host of other great tasting–but calorie dense–food. I made a trip to the supermarket late morning and finished around midday… just at the point when my stomach […]


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Yesterday was a stinker of a day. The sort that might drive a person straight to the chocolate cake. It started with me having a minor traffic accident on the way in to work. No one was injured, but it was a pain to have to deal with. And whilst my workday started ok, it […]


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It would be crazy to eat lasagne and cheesecake two days in a row… wouldn’t it? Maybe not if you hate to see food go to waste. Not everybody has a bottomless pit of money to throw at their diet. After Sunday’s family gettogether there was a lot of food left over and I wasn’t […]


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I ate big yesterday! It was glorious but I did make a few mistakes. There was an impromptu gathering at lunchtime and a giant lasagne was prepared and thrown into the oven. I’m pretty good at this diet when my main meal is in the evening, but I’m not so great at it when the […]


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  As usual my Sunday weight is up on my Saturday weight. Yesterday I was 180.4 lbs, which is my lowest of the year, but today the scale reflects the extra meal I ate yesterday (as planned). Although this is my official weigh in day. I confess I’m much more interested in tracking Saturday weight, […]


Post image for Daily Diet Update: Saturday 24th January 2015

180.4 lbs represents a 4 lb loss over 3 weeks. At just over a pound per week, that’s pretty good, and exactly what I was aiming for. We’re talking about 500 calories per day, which still gives me plenty of food, so I rarely feel like I’m missing out. I did my body weight exercises […]


Post image for Daily Diet Update: Friday 23rd January 2015

Yet another crazy busy day. I got up late this morning. It was 6.20 before I stopped hitting the snooze button every five minutes from 5.30. Since then I’ve been on the go most of the day. I walked the dogs first thing and went to work. I ended up working two hours overtime to […]