Post image for Diet Update: Friday 27th March 2015

It looks like there’s a little increase in weight as this week closes out. It will be interesting to see if I carry this weight into the weekend. My eating over the last 2 days has been ok. But only ok. Some of my snack choices have been questionable but I’m not going to get […]


Post image for Diet Update: Thursday 26th March 2015

I’ve had two days without knee pain and it feels great. I was powering through my walks today and it felt so good. It’s incredible how such a thing can make such a big difference to the way I feel. Trouble is, I felt so good I don’t think I created a calorie deficit today. […]


Post image for Diet Update: Wednesday 25th March 2015

There’s a small increase in my weight today but nothing to be concerned about. The minor fluctuations don’t mean much. What is interesting though, is that I’ve been using my new foam roller during the day and it seems to have helped. This evening’s walk was pain free! I think it’s too early to know […]


Post image for Diet Update: Tuesday 24th March 2015

I’ve bought myself a foam roller to see if I can alleviate some of the tightness in my left thigh and glutes, which I feel sure is contributing to my current bout of ITBS. I’ve tried it out, and good grief it’s painful. I’m not sure if it will bring about any improvement but it’s […]


Post image for Diet Update: Monday 23rd March 2015

Well, it was inevitable really. Seeing an increase over the weekend remains part of the pattern I’ve come to expect. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I was ever concerned about what I weigh on Monday. It’s quite liberating! What is bothering me though is my knee. I was woken again by the […]

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Post image for Diet Update: Sunday 22nd March 2015

182.6! I’m really pleased with that considering I started the week at 184.2. Yesterday I was 181 lbs and today’s weight reflects the extra eating at the weekend. I did take some pictures today but I can’t see the point in me posting them. There are plenty of pictures of me at my current weight. […]


Post image for Diet Update: Saturday 21st March 2015

Another day at 181 is something I’m very happy about. This is my first week back on the eating plan after 4 week of turmoil and I’m so pleased to see some early results. The waistband of my trousers got tight again towards the end of last week but it’s eased off again now. My […]


Post image for Diet Update: Friday 20th March 2015

I shouldn’t have been so excited about my knee. It’s sore again! Perhaps I shouldn’t be excited to be 181 lbs this morning… but I am! It’s been a while since I’ve had a little victory so I feel pretty good about it. ☺