Diet Journal 2014: Week 3

Wednesday January 15, 2014

Day: 15 Weight: 176.6 lbs

Welcome to week 3 of my latest phase of eating one meal a day.

I had a great deal of success with this diet when my goal was to lose 30 lbs and I dropped from 205 lbs to 175 lbs in 5 months.

My goal this year is to get to 160 lbs or visible abs, whichever comes first.


45 years old
6ft tall.


Week 1 : 180.4 lbs
Week 2: 178 lbs
Week 3: 176.6 lbs


Week 1: Chest: 39.5     Belly: 36.0     Waist: 35.5     Hips: 38.5
Week 2: Chest: 39.25     Belly: 35.75     Waist: 35.25     Hips: 38
Week 3: Chest: 38.75     Belly: 35.5     Waist: 35.25     Hips: 38

Thursday January 16

Day: 16 Weight: 177.4 lbs

Looking back to yesterday and seeing the scale weight drop under 177 was great way to start the third week.

It was also comforting to see a reduction in some of the measurements.

The waistband of my trousers is still tight to the point where it’s uncomfortable, but this serves as a good reminder that I still have work to do. Fortunately I remember what it feels like to have the trousers feel loose, and I’m keen to experience that again.

It’s funny that even though I have a goal to get flat abs the thing that spurs me on most right now is to have loose trousers!

Life has been crazy again lately. I’ve been getting up at 5.30 am and getting to bed around midnight. On Monday I was up past midnight and didn’t get to bed until 1.30 am. Tuesday was a long day. I put in a 12 hours at work and it was also the day I was observed and assessed for the teaching qualification I’m currently studying for.

Fortunately, at the moment I’m making some good decisions when times get tough, but I’m conscious that I need to get some sleep before I start making some poor decisions!

All things considered though, it’s going well.

Friday January 17

Day: 17 Weight: 177.4 lbs

Saturday January 18

Day: 18 Weight: 177 lbs

Sunday January 19

Day: 19 Weight 177 lbs

Monday January 20

Day: 20 Weight 179.4 lbs

Scary! The weekend eating (2 meals and a few cheats) has bumped my weight up but as usual I expect it to settle again by midweek.

Life continues to be challenging. Our big car, is giving us problems at the moment. It’s difficult to start in the morning and things are going wrong with it every week. Today I dropped the car at the service centre and went to work expecting to get a bill for around £300 (GBP). So I knew the day wasn’t going to be great, but later on I got a call from my sister to tell me my mum has been taken into hospital with a suspected stroke, and while I’m still getting over the news about my mum the service centre call and tell me the bill will be closer to £1300.

This is just the way life is sometimes. I have no control over any of the stuff that’s happening right now. My mum’s failing health and the mechanical malfunctions on the car are things I can do nothing about. All I can do is choose is how I react to them.

What I know for sure is that eating my troubles away won’t work, all it will bring me is more trouble.

I know a guy whose life is also in a bit of turmoil right now and his response has been to eat and seek comfort through food, which is fine, except now he’s so overweight and out of condition he’s developed a hernia, further worsening his situation. Getting lean and healthy is difficult enough when you’re fit and well, let alone when you’re injured and ill.

I can’t let that happen to me. I have to be a strong as I can be, both physically and psychologically. Even with all the testing things that are happening in my life me right now, I still have a job I need to go to and I still have four children who need their dad to provide for them and guide them.

So with all that happened today, and as stressed as I feel, I still stuck to my eating plan and I still did my exercise.

Please don’t take this as me being selfish and self absorbed, on the contrary, as I’ve said already, I feel that now more than ever I need to be strong and that means not mindlessly self sabotaging.

I expect my mum to get better. I expect that the car troubles will be resolved somehow. And I am so grateful that I don’t have any of my own self-induced health problems to deal with in addition.

One day at a time though, eh?


Tuesday January 21

Day: 21 Weight: 177.4 lbs

A tough day today. I got hungry around 2 pm and ate some shortbread. Not ideal but I only ate two small pieces.

The other option would have been to eat some chocolate from a vending machine, and whilst I have no problem eating chocolate, I didn’t want it. In fact I wanted some fruit but I didn’t have an emergency apple to hand. Rookie mistake!

I felt a little uneasy about sharing my personal circumstances yesterday, but I felt it was important and very relevant. And just as an update… my mum is out of the high dependency unit and for that I’m thankful.

There’ll be a new post tomorrow!

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Lisa January 21, 2014 at 2:30 am

Hi! I began the one meal a day diet last year and it worked for me(I went from 265 lbs to 243 lbs in three months) but I became lazy and went back to my old eating habits. I wanted to start back again but I wasn’t sure if you were still using this site. Glad to see that you are and that still losing weight! I’m also glad to see that you are keeping such a positive attitude in the midst of all that’s going on with you. I happened to stumble across this site this past year wondering if anyone had done this diet and had positive results. When I read your story, it made me want to really go for it. As I said I lost weight but became lazy with it and stopped. I’ve struggled with being over weight my whole life and just couldn’t find anything to stick to. This definitely works and now that I see you’re still involved in doing this, there’s no excuse to not keep going. Thank you for this site and for opening yourself up. Keep going strong!


David January 21, 2014 at 11:40 pm

Hi Lisa! 265 to 243 is brilliant! 🙂

I had break during November and December but it was always my intention to come back, so I’m glad you kept checking in.

This way of eating definitely works but I’ve always believed the success comes much less from the diet we choose, but from how we learn to make the personal changes necessary to get us to our goals.

Personal change isn’t easy and it takes a long time to form the processes and habits required, so don’t feel bad about losing a bit of ground. What’s more important is that you’re clearly motivated to continue and enthusiastic.

I’m glad you’re back on this… and thank you for the supportive words, it’s very much appreciated. 🙂


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