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Over a period of six weeks in during July and August I’m going to be tracking my weight on a daily basis.

This short campaign is part of my One Meal a Day for Six Weeks project.

Although I don’t have a specific goal weight that I’m aiming for, it’s useful to monitor my weight so that I can gauge the overall trend.

Tracking the trend, rather than fixating on one number on any given day, gives a better and more accurate picture of true weight loss.

Since I first started writing about weight loss, I’ve noticed that weight loss isn’t a linear thing. It’s variable and fluctuates, sometime quite significantly.

By providing this data I hope to show you exactly how much weight I lose, but more than that, I want you to see how much scale weight can change on a day to day basis.

I think many people quit diets because they misinterpret scale weight and fail to take into account all the other factors involved.

I wrote about this here: Why am I not losing weight?

My scale measures in LBS with decimal divisions (as opposed to ounces).

I’ve included very rough conversions to stones and kilograms.

Weight loss tracker july 2016

Weight tracker 2016-08-07

Weight tracker six week diet week 4

Weight loss tracker week 5


Weight loss tracker week 6

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You can also see my weekly progress pictures.

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